Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hiyashi Chuka: Chilled Chinese Noodles

I've been following several foodie blogs since the beginning of the year and one that I enjoy a lot is La Fuji Mama because she prepares so many Japanese dishes. My boys would be so happy if I'd make more Japanese dishes so I joined Rachael's group, Washoku Warriors. She posts a challenge every month and members have all month to try the challenge. Unfortunately, I missed the last two challenges because I haven't been checking my google mail account. Now that that account is linked to my iPhone, I won't miss any more challenges. :)

I went ahead and tried the last challenge anyways, Challenge #11: Chilled Noodles, so I could finally try a recipe out of my new cookbook, Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen by Elizabeth Andoh. I made a chilled Chinese noodle salad called Hiyashi Chuka. My Obaa-Chan (Grandma) made it on hot, humid days when I used to visit Japan and my Mom also made this on hot summer days as it's a refreshing, cold noodle dish. Good stuff!

This was the first time I made this dish for my fam and they LOVED it! As I took each bite, my fun-filled memories of summer vacations in Japan came flooding back. I enjoyed my lunch as I reminisced about Japan and will definitely make this again. I hope to make it on a super scorcher of a day as it seems to taste better when enjoyed on a hot day. :) It's been extremely overcast and cold here in San Clemente, so when the sun decides to pop out and starts to feel like summer, I'll surely make this again.


Hiyashi Chuka: Chilled Chinese Noodles

For the recipe, check out page 178 in the cookbook, Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen by Elizabeth Andoh.

This is super easy and fast to put together. Make the dressing a day in advance as it will taste better, boil noodles, add dressing over the noodles, prep toppings and place over the noodles. Easy! I marinated the cucumbers in a little dressing hoping Son #2 and Hubby would eat the cucumber. It worked!

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