Monday, March 15, 2010

Lemon Juice "Cubelets"

I asked my friend for a couple of lemons from her bountiful Meyer lemon tree and she gave me four beautiful Meyer lemons. I LOVE Meyer lemons as they're so juicy and have such a great aroma. I juiced the lemons using my awesome Pampered Chef Citrus Press and put it in a glass jar. It was really nice to have fresh juice readily available and I used quite a bit in my recipes throughout the week. 

As I was getting more lemons from my friend, she suggested freezing the lemon juice in an ice cube tray so I can use a cube as needed when cooking. I have a mini ice cube tray that's perfect for the lemon juice. The "cubelets" hold about 1 tsp of liquid so it's the perfect amount for lemon juice. I can add fresh lemon juice in my recipes anytime. The cubelets are small enough that they'll melt within a minute or less. Easy. :)

They're the size of gumdrops and oh so cute. :) 

Lemon Juice Cubelets

Squeeze lemon juice and freeze in mini cube tray. When frozen, put cubes into a ziploc to keep fresh. Use whenever a recipe calls for lemon juice or add a couple of cubelets to your glass of water. Yum, right?

Source:  Inspired by JB.

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